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energy healing for mind, body and spirit restoration 
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A bit about me and my journey...

Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Root Cause Therapy Practitioner,
Tarot Reader/Intuitive

Hello, loves. Welcome to Breathing in Wellness. I’m Reyna.


I am here to guide you as you open to experiencing what it means to fully accept who you are and who you are becoming.

Through the last many years of internal work, I have found great healing of the traumas and experiences I have been through.  During that time of healing,  I experienced and worked through deep grief, confusion, anger, resentment -  and through engaging in energy work,  and other therapy, I have found a light within myself, and have continued to discover the way that I want to be and work in the world.. 

While my primary schooling  has been a BS in Psychology and MS in Mental Health Counseling, I have come to rely on more alternative modalities for healing. And this is where we are now...

 I believe that we come to this time in our life, having all kinds of experiences of being with our body and our emotions. And Breathing in Wellness hopefully is a step in the right direction for helping the community (and myself) see and feel that. I believe that self-care is essential to our overall wellbeing. 

Here's a bit about the work I offer and why:


The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing in which there is an energetic connection made between myself and the person I am working with. Through this modality I am able to pin point trapped emotions in your body, find the origin, and release them. We want to release trapped emotion in our body and around our heart because when there are energy blockages, it can cause dissonance within how we view joy, abundance, love of self and others, physical ailments, sleep issues among other things... 

Root Cause Therapy is a modality that uses somatic work (connecting with our body as a way to heal) along with timeline therapy to connect mind and body to heal past traumatic experiences and help to bring healing though seeing a new perspective on the initial event. This work has profoundly altered the way that I see myself as a woman, a human being and as someone who is navigating life as a woman business owner. 

Reiki is another modality of healing the energy body, through releasing stuck energies, so that you can feel more calm and at ease in your life. Reiki is more of a hands on type of healing. You can read more about Reiki and the other modalities above if you look at their independent pages. 


 These forms of healing are so potent, getting right to the root of what's happening and making changes that you can see and feel. I've seen this for myself personally and for the many people I have done this work with. And they also complement one another so seamlessly. 

I'd love to have the honor of working with you as your find the path that your heart and soul have planned for you!

Meet Reyna
What is Root Cause Therapy?

What is Root Cause Therapy?

Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful style of therapy which assists people in getting to the root-cause of their current presenting symptoms. 

Do you experience negative self talk, unhelpful habits and behaviors or perhaps PTSD or procrastination from low self belief because of painful events in the past or anxiety about the future? Is it hard for you to find focus in your business or life, unsure why you can't proceed? Are your relationships lacking? Do you experience self limiting beliefs such as needing validation, or perhaps a lack of emotion or numbness?

It’s time to not only talk about the issues - but to start to heal them on a deeper level where real long term change is possible. 

The power of this method lies in the way that it works on all levels of our mind. The conscious mind, so you reading this now, and the unconscious mind - where our automatic learned behaviors and bottled up emotions reside.

Unlike hypnosis, which can create a fear of lack of control and unlike talk therapy which can leave you feeling worse with a long-time frame to create change in behaviors and thoughts - this type of healing creates a space for you to unravel why you do, think or feel the way you do - and discover and shift any unwanted patterns consciously, with you in the driving seat along with the knowledge and guidance of your therapist. 

We will use kinesiology (muscle testing) to discover what your subconscious mind knows to be true or false as far as your beliefs are concerned. Together we will prioritize what we work on together based on what is the most important to you to work through and transition. 


While we are working on the Root-Cause of issues,  in each session we use what is called a ‘Testing Sheet’. This allows us to closely monitor subtle shifts and changes - to give you tangible data so that we can really see the shifts that you have made.

This work can truly be profound and can help you to shift thoughts, beliefs, and how you view yourself and your place in the world. 

Look below for a few issues that this modality can help heal. 

Yoga at Home
Spiritual Development

Through this work together, you will gain a better sense of your intuition and inner voice. 


There is opportunity to pin point what exactly is the root-cause of your depression. 

Addiction Recovery

This modality helps to heal the emotions and pain that most often lead to addictions. 

Business Growth & Abundance

This is a BIG one!  Are you feeling stuck in your biz offerings? Feeling anxiety or fear around bringing what you want to offer forward in the ways that you envision?  Root Cause Therapy can help with freeing you from those self limiting beleifs. 

Mental Health

We don't see mental health as a label. We can help you release internal conflict, emotions and you can be free from mental blockages


When we begin clearing and healing wounds from past events, the heaviness we feel, the stress, has great potential to lessen and lift. 

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