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What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality that can release trapped emotions from your body and heart. 

When would an emotion get trapped?

When we have big experiences in life, experiences that make us feel intense emotion, and the emotion isn't processed fully, it has the potential to become trapped in our body. An Emotion Code Practitioner, like myself,  utilizes a connection to the clients subconscious mind, which is this sort of memory bank,  to gain an insight around what emotion is trapped, when it became trapped, perhaps where in the body it is trapped, and with intention, gratitude, and love for their client, they invite a release of the emotion. Sometimes this release is felt at the time, or a day or two later. There have been known to be noticeable shifts in clients lives, after releasing trapped emotions. 

Our heart can build a wall around it to protect it from further hurt and anguish, a protector of feeling too much grief and uncertainty, and then emotions can get trapped in the Heart Wall. 

When we have trapped emotions in our body and heart wall, it can become difficult for us to give and feel love, to attract abundance in life, to feel joy and see life with a positive mentality, to trust ourself and others and can even lead to physical discomforts. 


Life throws a lot at us and we aren’t always taught how to process emotions or work thru big heartaches!

I'd be honored to work with you in this way. 

What does an Emotion Code session look like?


We will work to release negative emotional baggage that is creating an imbalance in your life and is contributing to the issue or concern that you would like to work on resolving.  We typically will focus on 1 of these per session. It can also take more than one session to bring balance to this presenting issue.

Sessions typically last about 45 minutes, depending on how many trapped emotions your body will allow to release. It is the norm that the body can successfully release 5- 10 trapped emotions per session.  To find these trapped emotions, I make an energetic connection to you, and use the emotion code chart and a pendulum as a form of kinesiology, to find what is true for you. 

A day or two after our session, I will check in via email to see how you have been processing the trapped emotions. 

Here's a link to an article that shows research about how the Emotion Code can improve stress and anxiety. 



I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I have spent over  50 hours in practicum with humans and animals as a guide in helping them release trapped emotions around  their desire to feel more joy, less fear, anxiety and judgement, feeling their worth to receive abundantly in life and business, releasing money blocks and so much more. 

I absolutely love offering this energy healing work. The process is fun, and doesn't require talk therapy to release what has become trapped. Often times, memories will pop up around what we released, clarity will be gained, and you will begin to notice a new path forward. 


My Vision

Through this work, it is my desire to open up doorways so you can begin seeing yourself as a vibrant woman who knows from a heart-felt sense you are worthy of self love, that you can live authentically and from a space of vulnerability, continue on your Soul's path with a new found confidence around how you have desired to show up in the world for yourself, others you serve as a business owner or interact with on a personal level. 

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