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Breathing in Wellness  is an energy and trauma healing space. It is my hope and desire to bring here offerings that resonate deeply with me; with what I value, and on a truly, deeply felt heart level, what I want to offer others so that they can find space for self love, to know what it is to feel and experience life in meaningful ways, to touch in with what matters the  most.

And,  if that isn't clear, that we can find that together. 

Breathing in Wellness is a space for self-care. Here we find connection and healing within our mind, body and spirit. Here we find self worth and expansion.

We do this through mindful reflection, through the healing LoveLight of Reiki, the tool of Tarot, handcrafted products to help the user be more connected to space and time as well as connection to their body,  and through a modality that is trauma informed, called Root Cause Therapy as well as The Emotion Code. 

 Through my own healing journey with these tools, I have found a window into what my truth is. And I hope to help you find that for you.

I'd  be honored to share time and space as you open to your healing  journey. 

Check out My  Offerings and schedule a Consultation so that we can discuss what has been coming up for you and we will tailor a package to get your on your healing path!

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My Story

In 2009 my view and experience of the world changed forever. I lost 2 people I cared deeply about in a short period of time, to Cancer and then a year later, was diagnosed and treated for my own. It was very important to me to keep a bright, happy, fearless face and persona, but all the while I was scared. It has take me so long to be able to say that- to say that I have had Cancer, and that it had and continues to have, a deep effect on me.

Then in 2018, I became deeply affected with chronic pain from cervical stenosis ( my spine is suffering degeneration and closing in on my nerves and at times the pain I felt due to this was severe).  This diagnosis definitely impacted the way that I am able to interact with the world, it has changed the way that I am able to work, play and overall be. I am continuously thinking, " how will this impact/affect me later today and tomorrow?"  And once again, I dipped into living and being in the world through a fear-based lens. The discomfort I can feel in my body, for a time felt like it defined me. It was all I knew to rely on from day to day. 

It has been almost 12 years since my diagnosis/treatment and have been Cancer-Free, and it wasn't until a year or so ago that I began realizing how much of the experience is still affecting how I view myself, how I think others view me, how I put myself out into the world... how I do not feel safe...

Many times I felt alone and that I had to do it alone so I didn't burden anyone else with my feelings or emotions or thoughts. Through doing that, I isolated myself and that isolation grew and seeped its way into my life for the last many years. I am just now acknowledging this and healing my relationship with myself and those I've kept at a distance to keep myself safe. 

All of that has continued  to change, as the Tarot, Root Cause Therapy, as Reiki,  and now, The Emotion Code, have found me.

I have found the light within myself once again through all of this work. I have begun to trust the divine timing of life, and that there are forces outside of myself, and inside myself that are helping to guide me toward enveloping and offering my Soul Service out to the community. 

It has been through my work with Root Cause Therapy and The Emotion Code that I have been able to heal many of my self limiting beliefs and emotions like sadness, not feeling good enough, needing validation/approval from others, and knowing that the world is a safe place for me to be who I am. 

I am here to be a support as you to move through your own journey toward healing and wholeness. I am also here for mySelf and my journey to continue to fully come into who I am becoming through the grief and traumas I have endured. 

Together we can discover all that being you, in all of your authenticity has to offer!


I'd love to connect and get started on discovering how to continue on your spiritual journey to wholeness. 


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