Find Our Products


Support your local community of crafters and farmers this season

This season between May and October you can find us at the Middlebury Farmer’s Market (most Saturdays 9-12:30) and beginning mid June on Thursdays at City Hall Park in Vergennes from 3-6:30.

We are so lucky to live in an area that has such as amazing Food Co-Op. that supports local small businesses like us! You can find many of our products in Middlebury on Washington St. at the Middlebury Natural Foods Co-Op.

You can also find us at Dil Yoga Sanctuary in Middlebury and Yoga Roots in Shelburne. Recently we began selling our CBD Bath Salt at Roastd general store in Nantucket, MA.

We are looking to expand this year and hope to add a few more storefronts to this list!

If you own a storefront and think our products would catch the eye of your consumers, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d love to partner with you!