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Image by Kelly Sikkema


Reyna helped remove my heart wall and so many emotions that had been trapped in there and it completely changed the way I relate to myself and the world in the most beautiful ways. I’m blown away by how wonderful I’ve felt since our sessions and I’m thrilled that the sense of peace and self love that surfaced within 12 hours of the session have remained present weeks later. I’ve been lighter, giddier, had more energy, felt less tension and discomfort in my chest (ongoing symptoms that I had always contributed to tick born stuff and lymph issues…) I’ve been more interested in connecting with people and feel more in love with life than ever. My relationship with my partner seems more love filled and has been flowing wonderfully and just seems easier. Best of all I’ve come to develop a much deeper sense of compassion for myself and welcomed home parts of myself I’ve been rejecting and grappling with for YEARS 💜💜💜 Reyna is a magical light and one of the sweetest people I’ve met. I can’t recommend this enough for….ANYONE AND EVERYONE?! 😊

                                                                           -Sawyer R

My experience with Reyna and The Emotion Code was phenomenal. She is such a kind and gentle soul. I felt very comfortable with her immediately. Her strong intuition was very apparent. She was able to pinpoint past emotions from childhood, in utero and preconceived from heritage that were blocking my confidence to grow my business and my fear of receiving abundance. It was quite shocking to discover days after how differently I responded to situations and not having those emotions show up. I am dealing with situations without feeling anger, guilt and worthlessness. I feel much more grounded and balanced throughout my day.         - Jennifer F.


I highly recommend seeing Reyna. I saw her to work on some trapped emotions [with the Emotion Code] in my hip. I had a month or so of pain from inflammation, and within a week of meeting Reyna, my hip started getting better. I have also noticed my anxiety levels improving  as well.         -Kim M

Reyna is an intuitive, professional and supportive [practitioner]. After my first Root Cause Therapy session with her I found I was more at peace and could stay in my own energy better instead of being triggered by my family stuff.  I was surprised I still had so many limiting beliefs after all of the work I had done in my past, and I was being hard on myself for this. I highly recommend her healing work. - Sara L.

After many nites of restless sleep, I met with Reyna to see if the Emotion Code approach could provide some relief. Since having the Emotion Code sessions, I find my body more relaxed and I am less worried if I will get back to sleep.                                                                                 -Paula G

Reyna brings a high level of skill and experience to this work, along with authenticity and deep intuition. Three sessions with her doing Emotion Code changed how I felt about myself and helped me see from a different perspective, and heal from, some life-long issues that have held me back. Reyna is gifted- and a gift. I look forward to working with her again in the future and highly recommend her!  - Ann K.

Reyna is a beautiful soul and a gifted healer. After our Emotion Code Sessions I have felt more confident and at ease in myself and in my life. My intuition has come back online and synchronicities have become a guiding light again. She is a warm and gentle person to work with, a talented intuitive and Reiki Master. I couldn't recommend her and her work more. - Loren F

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