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What is Reiki?

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. But if you've found yourself here, I imagine you're curious. Read below a bit about Reiki and how it can help you

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 Every living thing holds energy; humans, plants & trees, all animals... we all radiate energy. 

It's true, that everything holds energy- even our thoughts and emotions. 

In Reiki, we use our hands to provide healing using the energy of Universal Life Force. This is the kind of energy that can help bring stability and balance to the energy that is already in and around you. 

The laying on of hands to provide comfort and healing is an ancient and effective way to provide and receive healing. We all hold this within, but when a person, like myself receives Reiki attunements by a Reiki Master Teacher, the Ki increases and energy blockages are removed through connection with the Divine.  In Reiki, the practitioner only need to activate the Reiki for the energy and heat to flow. 

There are no risks with Reiki as it transfers and opens Love and Light within me, so that I may pass it onto whomever is the recipient.

 Reiki works with the body in all of its stages of dis-ease to help bring balance, wellness, stability, relaxation and stress-reduction to the recipient.

In a Reiki session you will most likely feel my hands getting hot and your may feel waves of energy. You may also feel nothing at all. You may notice energetic shifts later in the day or even several days later.  Everyone's experience is different and all of these experiences are perfect.

I have begun to incorporate crystals into Reiki sessions. Crystals hold their own energies and healing properties and can be an aid to help your body be more balanced and feel more supported on an energetic level. 

The use of crystals is always optional, so just let me know at the time of service if you do not wish to have them placed on or near your body. 

Click the Book Now Button to Book your session today. ** Reiki Sessions are available  at Vergennes Movement, Thursday afternoons from 2-5pm. 

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